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About Jobgar

Jobgar gives time-efficient means of finding suitable job opportunities as a job seeker & a cost-efficient means of getting relevant candidates as an employer.

Our Features for Job Seekers

Video Resume

Create and share your video resume to stand different and increase your chances of being noticed and accessible.

Tailored Jobs

Our matching algorithm uses basic information contained in your profile to offer tailored jobs.

Virtual Campus

Opportunity for students to get hired or to invite companies to their campus by applying for virtual campus jobs.

Track Recruitment Progress

Receive instant status to your application as “Viewed", "Rejected" or "Hired".

Job Switch Advice

Salary app will assist you to assess your worth and recommend you switch job.

Authentic Connection

Company name can be added to resume, only if the organization approves it.

Occasional Jobs

Convert your free-time and skill into little extra cash by fixing computers, baby sitting or whatever people need help for.

Career Advice

Career advice algorithm will guide you about the skills you should upgrade to make profile more promising.

Jobs for Specially Abled

Jobgar has emphasis and job opportunities for people who are specially abled. Feel special, not different.

Our Features for Employers

Brand Visibility

Start-ups & smaller companies can showcase themselves and present themself as an employer of choice.

Reduce Hiring Cost

No more dependencies on consultancies just ‘Post, Connect, & Select’ relevant candidates directly.

Mass Message Tool

Don’t just post job and wait, message your job posting to all the users on jobgar for better response.

Maximum Exposure

Specially developed algorithm ensures that every job posting gets optimum exposure and no job gets left behind.

Reduce Screening Time

No more scanning hundreds of resumes, only receive ‘relevant candidates’ application by applying job filters.

Pre-employment Test

Post pre-employment tests to assess quickly & accurately about candidates on the skill sets your business require.

Offer Virtual Campus

Post campus jobs to create virtual campus to access quality talent without actually going to colleges.

Invite Jobseekers

Relevant candidate algorithm suggest you to invite most relevant candidate for your job even if he has not applied.

Schedule Interviews

Interview scheduler will assist you in scheduling interviews with applicants and giving you interview alerts.

Event as Job

Now post requirements for personal or professional events. Also invite celebs to your event job without any hassles.

Refer Hire

Employees can now refer appropriate candidates from their connections list for the job openings at their organizations.

Standing Jobs

Don't post a static job opening again and again, just add the job to standing one on company profile without an expiry date.

Our Features for Businesses

Entrepreneur's Marketplace

Individual buyers/investors can discover new business opportunities from variety of available listings in their chosen industry to find the most viable opportunities.

Sell Business

Business owner seeking either a full or partial exit can utilized the platform to attract more buyers to drive up the price of their businesses.

Find Investors

Company looking for investment have the opportunity to showcase their business and to receive investment injection required for growth.

No Middle Man

Communicate directly and negotiate terms together to expand the business to increase profits.

Targeted Listing

Your listing will be highly targeted so that you are only found by the right people with needs that match your offerings.

Business Alert

Get free email alerts whenever new business listings are posted matching your business preference.

Our Features for Special Someone

Relevant Match Advice

Partner match algorithm gives most relevant match advice as per your preference.

Seperate Personal Life

No one will know you are looking for soul mate, enjoy professional & personal life with appropriate privacy.

Special Someone

Meet your soul-mate among professionals while building your career without any efforts.


Launching Soon in 2017.

Beta Testing Internship.

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