Build dream team for your dream projects

Anupam Pareek, 17.11.2016

Building on an idea which is unique to the world requires extra ordinary researches and to make that happen for real you need a magnificent team. Revolutionary ideas don’t happen just like that. They are accumulated result of minor successes at every challenging level. Neither ideas end up as you started them visualizing, according to the current dimension and requirements ideas have to be modified and are made suitable to meet the current requirement and upgrade to meet the future requirements too.

Let’s see a scenario to understand some difficulties you might face if you are thinking to start your own product based company. Let’s say you have just thought about a life changing idea which will grow better with every future module, it’s totally unique, a little complicated but with lots of potential. What will you do? Run for an Investor? Maybe you impress an Investor without any reports, surveys or active analysis and MVP (though no investor is such a fool) of your project. Then what? Do you know how to start a company? Do you know how to write legal terms? Are you technically qualified? Are you experienced? Do you know the risks? Will you be able to meet investor’s demands?

In reality at this stage you are just an enthusiast, funding a project is not the only issue between you and success, there are other aspects as well. You will always need to know how to utilize your resources because honeymoon period doesn’t last forever in Start-up world.

One thing you should always remember, an Investor does not invest totally in the product but he/she invests in the team who are building it. If the team is solid and confident and prove themselves at every hurdle then it’s likely that they will succeed with whatever project they are working on because one or the other day they will find the right combination which will be fit for current generation requirement.

Team building Jobgar thought why not help these enthusiasts find the right team for their dream projects? That is the reason why we have added a team build job feature which any user can post over Jobgar. You have to describe your project, what all team members you require and likeminded people will apply for the project. Then you have to just shortlist and interview the ones you feel hold potential and zeal to work on your dream as their own dream. It is tough to go and find right team in person, so this will be a great opportunity for the people who may have resources but not people who think alike and have strong domain commands. Now finding the right suit won’t be tough. Jobgar will end the hassle because relevance matters the most. Make a relevant team with Jobgar’s Team Build Job Post.