Business at Jobgar

Jay, 29.3.2017

Business at Jobgar

To sell or buy your old items online, plethora of websites or apps are available to you. Big companies have their business agents to look for businesses, suitable for merger, acquisition. But for small businesses, no suitable platform is available for them to invest, buy or sell business/ business assets fully or partially.

Jobgar endeavors to provide a business platform for business person and small companies who are looking for investment or wish to wind up their business.

How it works?

The concept is simple, an intelligent algorithm makes a match between a business-person and a company based on the interest in business type, deal size and location.

A company shows interest either in investment or selling of their business. Similarly a business-person shows interest in either investment or buying. Based on the preferences of business-person and company, Jobgar algorithm will serve you business feeds with which you are most likely to partner with.

Targeted listing algorithms will make sure that your business interests are only found by the business-persons whose needs matches your offerings and you get immediate alert to negotiate terms without any middle-man.

Whether you are an Individual-owned or Company-run business, Jobgar gives you a chance to showcase your business, no matter what stage you are in. We work hard to make sure that all posts get maximum exposure and to the right people, ensuring that you have the best opportunity.