Occasional (Flexi) Jobs

By: Jay, 04.12.2016

Jobgar is not addition to the already crowded job portals but it is a comprehensive solution to all kind of jobs-issues. During one of our white board sessions on types of jobs modules, we found there is no platform which focusses on unorganized jobs aka flexible or occasional jobs. Hence we carried out two surveys :

Firstly, who needs flexi-jobs services? We found occasional job providers are looking for, in every walk of our life, be it a baby sitter or a Gardner or a Mehandiwala or anything we need.

Secondly, who all get benefited by these occasional jobs? These jobs can be done by anyone without having any specific degree or specific training. These jobs are independent of time, location, age or skill set.

Flexi-job fits anyone’s lifestyle e.g.

Students looking for pocket money.

Unemployed until he finds the right job for himself.

Professionals looking for additional income.

Retirees searching for some part-time work in order to keep himself occupied.

Housewives who can utilize their spare time.

People with certain types of disability.

Anything which is a need of someone can become a job for someone else. Irony is that mostly all the job platforms offer white collar jobs but not one has answer when it comes for occasional jobs, also when are searched over Google it produces random results.

We brainstormed and researched to add a module on Flexi-jobs on jobgar. We understand that any one whenever in a specific need can post his requirements on jobgar, which can give real-time alert to someone who can offer such services, thus creating a real-time match and real time solution for both.

Let us understand the above feature with an example. Ravi has returned from Australia to his house and finds his house in a mess. He is busy with his other requirement and cannot clean his house even if he wants to. Where does he search for someone who can help him for a day? Google? But search results don’t give him customized solution. This is where Jobgar comes handy. Just click on ‘Post Job’ choose flexi-jobs and put your need ‘house cleaning’ at Delhi. You get information of all those who are ready to offer their help in real-time. You ping them to negotiate and use their services.