Mass Message : Target the relevant crowd

Jay, 01.04.2017

In the days before the Internet and even today, recruiters from large companies often hired advertising agencies to optimize their advertising strategies and to let potential candidates know about positions and to market their company through media platforms like television, newspapers, etc. With the advent of the digital age spreading your content to other people is now easy and a deal of single click or tap, even if you are on a tight budget.

But digital advertising though appearing easy and cheap brings many issues along with it like:

1. Privacy of email or mobile

2. Reaching target audience

3. Expensive if platform is of a giant network

4. Creating spams which are legally not accepted in many countries.

At Jobgar workshop we deliberated upon these four core issues and found out a simple solution i.e. developing “Mass Messaging Tool”.

Mass Messaging Tool addresses all issues which are coming with digital advertising:

Complete Privacy.
No need of email or mobile number since it delivers message to members of JOBGAR.

Target Audience.
Unlike other online job portals, Jobgar’s Mass Messaging targets large number of “interested” crowd i.e. the ones with matching preferences and skills all over JOBGAR community.

Reduced Timing.
No more wasting of time in creating ads, typing out hundreds of email addresses and clicking “send” button a thousand times.

Real Time Service.
It enables real-time customer service.

Faster Response.
Since messages are directly sent to the inbox of target audience, it results in recieving faster action and response by them.

No Loss of Conversations.
Mass Messaging Tool saves your action and conversation, so no more worry losing any conversation

Maximum Exposer.
It ensures that not only the job posts get optimum exposure to the most suitable candidate, but ensures that the best jobs are available to every candidate.

Minimum Cost.
As low as Rs. 50/- per job post and at no additional cost for premium members.

Definitely, Jobgar’s Mass Messaging Tool gives you an easy way to connect with clients within your target market and delivers higher ROI from your campaigns.