Pre-Employment Test – New Modal of Hiring at Jobgar

Jabel, 19.02.2017

Today Online posting of jobs receive a large number of applications for each job opening, therefore, it becomes frustrating for both applicants and employers because of the amount of time consumed in selecting a potential candidate for the job. Besides, it’s commonly understood among employers that online resumes are highly unreliable as applicants can put just about anything they can think.

An online employment screening test makes recruitment process easy, which generally follows a job application, followed by online interview of only few potential candidates before conducting in-person interview.

Team Jobgar from the beginning kept this time consuming selection procedure in mind and created a simple job posting form to allow the employer to set filters and create tests and to hasten the selection procedure. The process adopted by Jobgar team is simple i.e. candidate applications are filtered out on factors like qualification, experience, skillset, etc. followed by online screening test to assess the commitment level of applicants.

Employment screening tests are multiple choice questions, gauge applicants’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, and/or personality before conducting a phone screening or in-person interview.

Pre-employment screening model of jobgar, not only assists employer but also avoid wasting jobseeker’s time in applying for unnecessary positions. Only relevant jobs are shown in the feeds based on the filters. A job-seeker has to answer objective type questions, result of which are shown instantly upon submission of answer. The online nature of these tests also allow the applicant to apply at any time convenient to them, freeing them of performance-related anxieties which any Fresher can relate to during their initial stages allowing them to give a clear headed and well-formed response. While these tests aren’t the only deciding factor, they allow the candidates to get a feel for the type of questions they could face if they do get short-listed and allows them to assess their skill level and brush up on topics they found difficult so as to increase their likelihood of getting hired.