Authentic Refer Hire

Anupam, 08.06.2017

All job related websites have feature to connect individuals with each other so that a community is formed where people can interact and can expand their barriers of knowledge and opportunities.

But, is it really happening?

Ask these questions to yourself to understand the situation better.

1. How many connections have actually interacted with me?

2. How many connections have suggested me jobs related to my interests?

3. How many CTO’s or CEO’s in my connections have helped me to get hired at some reputed company or in their own venture?

These are the major questions which should be satisfactorily answered by any job platform which allows users to make connections. The prime reason why you make connection at any professional space is to get benefited by other person’s service or seek for mutual benefits. Any other activity is considered as a social affair.

Let’s consider a real life scenario where connections really help you in getting a better job opportunity:

Akash: “Hello Abhay, how you been?”

Abhay: “I am alright, everything good at job?”

Akash: “Yes, it’s really going well, our team just lack a graphic designer, wish you were available."

Abhay: “Seriously? I can totally give a shot though because I was thinking for a job switch lately.”

Akash: “Alright then, I will refer your name and email to my HR department.”

Abhay: “That’s really nice of you, I won’t let you down.”

Here 2 things are to be noticed.

1. Abhay got benefited as his connection helped him find a new and better job opportunity.

2. As Akash is employee of the company, his reference will have weightage and Abhay will really be referred for the job opportunity.

As the jobgar team analyses everything with user’s perspective, they have included the feature of authentic refer hire, in which an employee can refer job opening at his/ her company to their connections.

Now if these referred connections choose to apply for the job then their application will be tagged as “Referred” and the individual who is analysing the applicants will pay special attention to your application. So if a CEO is referring you for a job opening at his firm, then the person managing the job will definitely look into your profile deeper or will prioritize you for interview over other candidates.

That’s how we think and that’s how we integrate features at Jobgar. Join the new relevance and make connections with a meaning.