Authentication the base for security and relevance.

Garvit, 10.03.2017

Definitely, everything available on a click or tap has eased our life but it has generated serious security concern in the fantasy land of virtual world. Comfort and security are inversely proportional. Loosing data, misuse of data, spams, and likewise many other issues keeps scaring us whenever we share our personal details online.

Aligning comfort (ease of use) and security (data safety) was main concern of team Jobgar since the time of project Jobgar’s conception and various security standards and new security features were brainstormed and implemented.

So how do we do this?

Profile validation

Email/mobile validation to prevent fake accounts.

reCaptcha - To prevent spam accounts.

Only single device use at any given time

Accessing account from multiple devices is not permitted at any given point of time. Session has to be logged out before accessing it from other device. Signing into a new device automatically logs a User out from the other device

Company account creation

Company representative can create their company’s page by using corporate account followed by validation.

Email & mobile number masking

No one can view email or mobile number without consent of the user, only initial and last portion of email/mobile number will be visible unless user agrees to display his contact details.

Verification of the employee profile

We show only those companies and positions in the profile of the employee for which the concerned company has approved him/her.

All the other positions and companies are categorized under the unverified section of the user’s profile.

Keeping the data of users secured

We at Jobgar believe that the users who visit our site must be secured from the identity theft as we are very concerned about the privacy of users. Therefore secured server with https secured connection are being used for

Who will get benefited & how?


Reduced Hiring Costs: Employers verification will eliminate requirement to perform background checks of the prospective employee, which will save time and money of hiring agency. This feature also increases the legitimacy of the user’s details.

Reduced Screening Time: As the employee profiles are verified by the previous employers, hence the screening time is reduced and thus eliminating problems of fake profiles.

Job Seekers

Increased exposure: The verified profile increases the exposure a particular profile is going to get whenever you apply for some job.

Increased confidence: The verified profiles get more attention and value which boosts confidence of the user.


Secured HTTPS connection to connect to Jobgar.

Identity theft protection on public network.

Eliminates risk of phishing and other cyber-attacks.

Encrypt website and secure communication between browser and server.

Looking at “Secure” in address bar of browser gives psychological comfort to the mind.