Virtual Campus at Jobgar

Jay, 09.4.2017

Recruiting talent pool for a company is time-consuming, money-bleeding and risk-taking. There are many approaches to attract, select and appoint suitable candidates for a job. Campus recruiting approach is cost-effective, increases brand visibility, gets talent at low cost and retains employee for long.

However, traditional campus recruitment involves a large number of candidates to filter from, difficulty in hiring diverse verticals, stiff competition between companies hiring simultaneously and most importantly hiring is just limited to fewer colleges in tier 1 & 2 cities.

Jobgar’s “Virtual Campus” tool can be blessing for employers and students spread across multiple colleges. Virtual campus tool is built to give instantaneous and unbiased evaluation.

How it Works?
For Hiring Manager

  • Create and post campus job.

  • Add online screening test as per requirement.

  • Use mass-message tool to target the relevant students.

  • Auto-filter will screen resumes and allow only relevant students to apply for the job.

  • Auto-campus selector will make pool of student as per their college. E.g. if five students applied from IIT Mumbai, all will be automatically be in the pool of IIT Mumbai and likewise for other colleges.

  • Invite shortlisted students for virtual interview using jobgar chat and hire.

  • If still confused, make student travel to you for pre-placement talk, thus tap potential from anywhere across the country in less time and money.

  • For Students

  • These jobs will be exclusively displayed only to students.

  • Apply to the job and answer the online screening test, if prompted.

  • Shortlisted students will be invited for virtual interview on jobgar chat.

  • Interview schedules are auto fed in events calendar which is prompted before the deadline so that you never miss a beat.

  • Track your application in real-time and get an alert on being shortlisted, rejected or hired.

  • Virtual campus drive grants an equal opportunity to all the students irrespective of college, merit or qualification or location and makes it easier for even smaller companies to find the best suited candidate for their job at less expense.