Visumes: Next Level of Resumes

Jay, 04.1.2017

What is Visume?

A visume (video resume) is a short video lasting 60-90 seconds created by a job-seeker that describes his attitude and communication skills.

Why Visume?

A video resume simply add a visual and auditory element to the resume. Visume is must for a jobseeker to create best first impression to an employer. It offers a better chance to standout. Video resumes are gaining acceptance as a standard hiring material.

What do Employers get from Visume?

A traditional resume do not showcase mannerisms, communication skills, and presentation abilities whereas video resumes reveals facets of personality. Employers often use it as a pre-screening tool to evaluate applicant.

How to Create Visume for Jobgar?

All you need is a se camera or a webcam and mic to record yourself then upload it on YouTube or Vimeo. Add that You Tube url to your profile resume on Jobgar.

Merit Attention Points While Recording for Visume?

Video resumes are an enhancement, not a replacement so here are few tips to create a visume:
Prepare a Script: A script focusing on the job description, touching accomplishments relevant to the position is a must to make you presentable.
Don’t Recite Your Resume: Tell what employers can’t discover from your resume.
Keep It Short and Crisp: An informative but lengthy clip will bore the employer, create engaging video resume. Creativity is the key.
Practice First: When you’re recording, you’ll know what to say and the delivery will be natural and smooth.

How Create Visume?

Employers want to know your professional accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses. Here is a sample guidelines to create video resume:
Your Introduction: In first few seconds, introduce yourself and explicitly state your intentions. e.g. “I am Mr. X, having 5 years of experience in content writing, I am keen to be part of your team.” Employer will notice your tone, body-language, and attire, which should convey confidence and professionalism.
Your Uniqueness: Engage employers in with what’s unique about you, mention what you have accomplished that makes you qualified for the position e.g. “My creative writing has increased unique visitors of by 40 percent.”
Your Call to Action: At this point summarize what qualifies you as a valuable addition to the company with your call to action, concluding with thanks to the employer for their time e.g. “Thank you for watching me, I am confident my skills and previous experience will help me add value to your business. Please do invite me for a video interview if you want to discuss further.”
Video resume seems to be risky and vulnerable, but if prepared well, it can get employers excited and interested in a jobseeker, resulting quicker decision.