Winners of Special Someone Contest 2017.

Congratulations to all our winners, We hope from now we will have a stronger bond of love because you can describe it so well. Also an applause for many of you who participated, we will be holding many such contests. Thank you

Manan Srivastava

Love is when someone knows that you are a strong person but in difficult situations they every now and then take your hand and say “Everything will be alright”.

Robin Singh

To be truly honest and open is not easy for anyone, when there is peace in your mind and bliss in your heart, feel secure with someone, feel complete, that's love.

Radha Soni

Love is a feeling, feeling of being so special for someone, a feeling when a mother love his child, feeling when a brother fight with her sister, feeling of having good frnds around you.

Iksha Sinha

Love us an innervation that resonates exhilaration. It is a strength and not a weakness; certainly underated. It is like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the pages of a newly bought novel or the smell of earth after rain.

Swati Yadav

When you don't have to find them, they are always there, when you don't have to apologize, because they already understand & no need tell them how much they mean to you, because they know. This is love, true one.